RAW Converter Test

My idea of a  good RAW converter is one that provides fast file conversions from RAW to TIF with minimal adjustments necessary. Virtually all images need an exposure adjustment  and possibly to have the color balance tweaked but otherwise I seldom make any other adjustment preferring to do the rest with the TIF file in my image editor. Many RAW converters also have a file browser associated with them, it is essential that the browser displays thumbnails and loads selected files quickly, displaying the image at full screen size for fast assesment of sharpness. The thumbnails need to be generated quickly and the browser must be able to handle directories with several thousand files in them and not crash on a corrupt file. I settled on Breezebrowser for it's fast stable browser and decent RAW converter several years back but I was aware of some limitations recently such as slow file conversions on Canon 40D files and I was not sure if the conversion fine detail was still up to snuff so I decided to do some testing .......

Raw Converter Overexposure recovery test

Raw Converter fine detail test


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