This petition is now closed and was submitted to the Burligton Mayors office in March 2013

LaSalle park petition to stop marina expansion


For years photographers and naturalists have visited LaSalle park on Burlington bay, particularly from October through May to photograph birds, mink, beaver and other wildlife. The current marina docks and wave breaker are floating structures that are removed completely in the fall and returned to the water in the spring. This system was built circa 1981 and was designed to have minimal environmental impact on the bay and has worked reasonably well. Boaters use the area on both sides of the wharf in the summer and photographers use these  areas  in the winter when waterfowl are present.

Now the LaSalle park environment faces a threat - expansion of the marina facility to accommodate 340 slips and replacement of the floating docks and break water with permanent structures. This will render the complete north side of the wharf and out to the islands unattractive for photos, flight photos will be impossible, in addition the permanent wave breaker will insure that the area of the marina will freeze in the winter displacing waterfowl.  The Trumpeter Swan monitoring program would likely come to an end. Currently the proposal is waiting on an environmental assessment.

About thirty years ago in conjunction with the marina installation extensive landscaping was performed along the LaSalle park shore, the result of which eliminated the habitat of hundreds of Rough-winged and Bank Swallows that riddled the sandy cliffs with tunnels  for nest sites. These birds were so numerous that swarms of them could be seen at LaSalle from as far away as the Burlington Canal. These species are no longer present, the landscaping destroyed the cliff face. This indicates to me that environmental assessments often miss the mark. Now is the time to act if you use and value LaSalle park.

I am informed this idea has been in the works since 2011. As of Apr 2013 there are no visible notices at LaSalle park that refer to this proposal!

I have sent a petiton to the Burlington mayor's office from over 250 concerned Canadians. The petition is now closed but please voice your concern by emailing
the mayors office at: Burlington mayors office

LaSalle park
  Eastern Screech Owls

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