Some observations on the Addenda to BM Newcomb's 1923 Genealogy


I have identified some of the "un-connected" people he lists in the Addenda. (That the beauty of being able to search the entire database on computer.) Brad Wilson July 27, 1998


MARRIAGES (pages 809-812)
Alfred Newcomb (b c1850) m 12 Feb 1875 Catharine McKanna (b c1850); he of Springwells, MI, b in Canada; she of Detroit, MI, b in Canada. Andrew Newcomb (b c1846) m 19 Sep 1873 Annie Crasdill (b c1846); he of Springwells, MI, b in Canada, a foundryman; she of Springwells, b in Boston. Jane Newcomb (b c1852) m 19 Sep 1873 David F Gordon (b c1851), a sailor; both b Canada; res Springwell. They are probably sibling. Any clue who they might be?

Chester E Newcomb m 23 Sep 1883 Lillie F Pierce. He is bmn2295.

Delphene Newcomb m 8 Apr 1880 Augustus Jeremiah Lester. She is bmn0961x.

Dr Newcomb m Fanny Boynton. He is Dr John Edward Newcomb, bmn0312.

Elizabeth Newcomb m George Wheeler. She is Eliza Marcia Newcomb, bmn1066ii.

Frank E Newcomb m Apr 1873 Mary Augusta Libby. He is bmn1433.

Freeman W Newcomb m 28 Nov 1869 Lucy Newcomb Rich, dau of Samuel & Polly (Lombard). Polly Lombard Rich, wife of Thomas Newcomb (bmn0658), was also dau of Samuel & Polly (Lombard). But I don't know who Freeman W Newcomb was.

Hannah Newcomb m 18 Mar 1860 Stephen Patterson. She is bmn1133iv.

Ida Newcomb m 24 Mar 1881 Sidney Wood. She is bmn1531iv. 

John K Newcomb m 23 Nov 1825 Eliza W Daniels. He is bmn0470. On p 164 their marriage is listed 23 Nov 1824.

John Newcomb m Georgeanna B Hedge. He is bmn2241.

Joshua Newcomb m Betsey Coduda. He is bmn0101.

Josiah Newcomb m 16 Feb 1758 Esther Briggs. He is bmn0020.

Laura B Newcomb m 13 Sep 1855 Nathaniel B Clapp (b 21 Oct 1827 Walpole, MA) son of Billings & Emily (Whitney). Compare this with Laura Jane Newcomb (b 15 Oct 1832) m 15 Nov 1855 Nathaniel B Clapp (b 15 Sep 1828) son of Levi B & Sarah (Whitney). hmmmm

Lois Newcomb m Eugene H Savery (b 1863) son of George & Catharine (Baxter). Compare this with Louise May Newcomb (bmn1224iii) m Eugene Howard Savery (b 26 Dec 1864) son of Samatros & Lydia.

Lucy M Newcomb pub 2 Nov 1847 George W Colby. Compare this with Rachel Newcomb m 23 Oct 1852 George W Colby.

Mrs Mary Newcomb m 15 Sep 1763 Thomas Bassett of Chatham, MA. Compare this with Mary Newcomb (bmn0018vii) m 17 Sep 1763 Thomas Bassett of Chatham, MA.

Mary F Newcomb m 5 Feb 1873 William B French. She is Mary Frances Newcomb, bmn1172iii.

Sally C Newcomb m Samuell Churchell. She is Sally Chapman Newcomb, bmn0156i.

Scott C Newcomb m Emma C Baker. He is Scott Campbell Newcomb, bmn2596.

W H Newcomb m 17 Dec 1873 Annie W Rundlett. He is William Henry Newcomb, bmn1658. On p 422 their marriage is listed 17 Dec 1872.

William B Newcomb m 7 Feb 1871 Cynthia V Tallmadge (b 25 Mar 1849 Brooklyn, NY). Compare this with William Byxbee Newcomb (b 16 Oct 1850 New York City) m (Meriden, CT) Viola Talmadge.

DEATHS (pages 812-814) Fanny J Newcomb (d 11 Mar 1905). She is Fanny J (McAllister), 2d wife of Frank P Newcomb (bmn1360).

GLEANINGS (pages 814-815) Isaac P & Polly (Bateman) Newcomb, Samuel R & Elizabeth (Bateman) Newcomb, with other Bateman heirs sold lots in Fairfield twp, NJ, which they had inherited from their father Joseph Bateman. Compare this with John P Newcomb (bmn0218) & wife Mary (Bateman). And James R (bmn0219) & wife Elizabeth (Bateman). Both John P & James R were born Fairfield, NJ. Both Mary & Elizabeth were daus of Joseph Bateman. I have no doubt that the Addenda entry refers to these families, but I can't explain the names Isaac & Samuel.

NAMES CHANGED IN MASSACHUSETTS - 1780-1892 (page 816) Mark Newcomb of Charlestown to Mark Winchester; no date. He is bmn0483.

That's all I've checked so far. I'm continuing to notate as I go & will send on more as I find it. 
Enjoy, Brad Wilson


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Posted July 27 1998