Bible Records Taken from Bible of John A. Newcomb
 (now in possession of Marion Wm. Gleason.)

John .A. Newcomb married Louisa M. Rounds at Leyden, Franklin County, MA, Jan 17, 1828 by H. Newcomb, Esq.
John A. Newcomb born 9/18/1802 in Leyden, Franklin County, MA; died 3/18/1855 in Truxton, Cortland County, NY
Louisa M. Rounds born 12/26/1806 in Leyden, Franklin County, MA; died 9/24/1870 in Salisbury, NY

Names of Children               births           deaths:
Abial R. Newcomb           11/26/1828
Hezekiah A. Newcomb     12/19/1829     3/26/1830
Charles H. Newcomb           2/8/1831     1/30/1832
John W. Newcomb             10/8/1832
Charles M. Newcomb          3/1/1835
Sarah L. Newcomb            9/15/1836
Maria J. Newcomb            9/20/1838
Mary I. Newcomb            12/31/1840      1/30/1841
Albertis H. Newcomb          9/3/1842      1/16/1843
Hezekiah C. Newcomb       1/25/1844      2/11/1847
Mary Ellen Newcomb        8/10/1848      1/27/1849

Children’s Marriages      Spouse                               Date            Location
Abial R. Newcomb      Levanita M. Burgess            3/29/1853     Windsor Locks, CT
John W. Newcomb      Charlotte W. Sedgewick    10/11/1860      Patricia, NY
Maria J. Newcomb      George W. Howland             4/6/1864      Cortland, NY
Sarah L. Newcomb      Thomas B. Denham             9/27/1864      Cortland, NY
John W. Newcomb      Helen Rayhill                      5/27/1869      Mascoutah, IL

contributed by: Judith Gleason

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