Impromptu Workshops

Bird photography by it's nature requires one to be ready to go at a moments notice when a good shoot presents itself. Towards this end I have devised " Impromptu Workshops". These will occur sporadically as I find opportunities that appear to offer a reasonable chance of success in a normally difficult target bird or situation. When this occurs I will contact you by Email and you can reply if you wish to participate. This is a chance for you to see how I approach a given situation and give you a chance to photograph the  species. I will not be doing a detailed workshop but will answer questions.  Below is an example of an Email I will send to you when an opportunity occurs .If you wish to be included on my Email list for this purpose please drop me a line. (there is no obligation to attend)


Example of Impromptu Workshop  Email contact

Hi All,

I am sending this to my Workshop participants list.

I have been shooting Wild ducks the last week or so near the Windemere basin in Hamilton, this is the best spot locally to photograph wild ducks in flight. These birds are wild northern birds that have flown in recently and are very wary of people. These birds behave differently from human fed birds found at local parks like LaSalle. Thus is a good opportunity to learn the technique of photographing wild ducks in flight. I will do an impromptu workshop with 1-3 people at a time which will involve spending 2 hours shooting and some explanation of  the technique and showing how to approach and photograph ducks in this area.  Fee $XX.  Contact me if interested!

Happy Thanksgiving and Good shooting!

Ken Newcombe