Exposure  - Indoor Workshop

About the Workshop

Modern DSLR cameras are capable of producing excellent images but still need help from photographers knowledgeable  in exposure theory. Getting the exposure right is one way to elevate the quality of your work. Getting the exposure right quickly in the field  should be every photographers goal!

This one day in depth workshop will cover exposure theory and practice.  This is geared towards people of all skill levels. The idea is to cover exposure theory in detail and to spend time discussing how to apply exposure theory to real world situations.
I have put together a Power point presentation as an aid in explaining theory and we will spend a some time doing  hands on and discussing how to handle real world situations.

Topics covered.
1 - Definitions of photographic terms - fstop, EV, ISO, saturation, blow out, etc.
2 - History of exposure theory
3 - Dynamic range
4 - Metering patterns
5 - What is the best exposure, what is an acceptable exposure
6 - How to handle practical exposure problems in the field
7 - Incident light meters
8 -  How to read the histogram
9 - effect of flash on exposure
10 - Sunny 16 rule
11 - Correcting exposure with RAW conversion
much more

Questions are permitted and encouraged. I use an informal approach in my workshops.

We break for lunch around noon, bring sandwiches I will supply tea, coffee and juice.

What you need
- Digital SLR (and camera manual)
- a short lens (20 - 120 mm)
- Bring your laptop if you have one ( though I will not have time to debug software for you)
 - Pen and paper

We meet at my home in Dundas near the RBG Arboretum  map  at 9:00AM sharp lunch at noon and wind up around 3 PM

$80.00 per person

Dates in 2016:

Contact me

Cancellation policy:  No refunds will be available within 10 days of the scheduled date.

Postponements:  Rain or inclement weather may postpone the workshop.  I will fit you into a future date if need be.


Fee: $80.00

Please email me and  mail payment and registration form to:

Ken Newcombe
16 Homestead Ave.
Dundas, Ontario
Canada   L9H5Y7

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